Mink Extensions

We like to think of our extensions as an affordable luxury! Our Brazilian "MINK"  extensions have been cut from one donor. Minimum shedding, tangle free, cuticle aligned, silky, and full of volume. Each bundles weighs 100 grams (3.5 oz). With proper maintenance, our extensions can last up to a year. Our extensions come in 4 different patterns: Silky Straight, Queen Wave (Body Wave), Mermaid Wave (Water Wave), and Doll Curl (Deep Wave). Each pattern requires a different maintenance. 100% Virgin hair.

Our extensions can be washed, colored, curled, and straightened. EXCESSIVE use of heat to straighten any curl pattern will alter the pattern. Treat your extensions like your real hair. We recommend that you use a heat protectant when applying heat to your extensions. We also recommend co-washing your hair when you receive it before installing. A co-wash is when you wash your hair with conditioner only! We recommend a moisturizing conditioner. Please avoid using any alcohol based products as they will dry out your extensions. 

Curly textures/patterns require more maintenance. We recommend combing through your extensions, braiding them into several braids, and covering them with a silk/satin bonnet before bed. This will secure your hair from possible tangling through out the night. This also prolongs the use of your extensions.  Refer to our HAIR TIPS page to view the products we recommend for proper maintenance.

Silky StraightMermaid Wave (Water Wave)Queen Wave (Body Wave)