Welcome to Reine Royale!! Reine Royale started in 2015 with a dreamer, many sleepless nights, and an iPhone! The owner, Siedah Perro, better known to her friends as 'Royal' began jotting down ideas for a company that would represent the notion that you don't have to break the bank to look like royalty!! We've always believed that your outer appearance should always match your inner beauty . So here at Reine Royale our mission is to help you embrace your inner Queen by bringing you a wardrobe that will bring a shift in your confidence. Let's be real, a change of wardrobe can literally change your LIFE! Just think about your go to favorite outfit you like to wear or those earrings that seem to set off anything you wear. That's the feeling we've bottled up to send home with you at checkout!  We are a boutique so we carry limited quantities of some of the hottest fashions and accessories. We embrace individuality and style evolution while also keeping you in the loop of some of the latest trends in fashion. As we grow we will continue to assure that every customer's shopping experience with Reine Royale is pleasant and effortless. So join us and LIVE like Royalty, SHOP like Royalty, LOOK like Royalty!!!



GET TO KNOW US: Can't get enough of us? Not only can you find us here but we can also be found on several of our social media accounts. Locate those links at the bottom of our home page. Come by and tell us hello. We look forward to hearing from you!


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